Pancakes with Bill McKibben, and the Power of Generations Together

Those pancakes were great, and climate change is real.

This excerpt is from Pamela E. Berns, Sustainability Engagement Consultant, Writer/Editor at GreenHomeNYC, following our Pancake Supper with Bill McKibben at Vershire Town Hall, in Vershire, Vermont.

On a brisk March evening, local residents and out-of-town visitors filled the Vershire, VT town hall for North Road Sugar Works’ second annual pancake dinner, and a talk by climate guru and founding father Bill McKibben. If the occasion provided a glimpse into small-town life on the planet and the challenges we all face as it grows warmer, it was also a brilliant testimony to the promise that inter-generational conversations hold for tackling them. Marc Mckee, host, pancake chef, educator, and founder of North Road Sugar Works, brought together four generations to share food, conversation, and a speech that was by turns terrifying and incredibly hopeful. Village elders, a cohort of brilliant and environmentally committed Dartmouth undergrads who came down by van to help serve, and collection of adults and kids of all ages came together as a community around maple sugaring and the future of our planet.

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