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North Road Sugar Works​ is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization advancing an analysis and understanding of future climatic impact on sugar maple trees.

We host an annual pancake supper and lecture in the Vershire Town Center, in nearby Vershire Village. These events will occur on the second weekend after Town Meeting Day, the first Tuesday in March.

Come visit the Sugarhouse, give us a call, or zip us an email to learn more about what we do here at North Road Sugar Works.

2016 North Road Sugar Works Pancake Supper with Bill McKibben

March 19, 2016, Vershire, Vermont: A quiet and reflective Bill McKibben at a small gathering in rural Vermont last night… among many topics, Bill spoke about his transition over 25 years, from researcher, educator and author, to the urgency of ACTION– blocking oil, gas and coal. Reminds us we’re over 400ppm of CO2 now, just had the warmest years in history, and already 2 degrees of global warming, in places. Urges all of us to recognize, there just isn’t time for educating another generation of people about Climate Change, incrementally moving towards change.

“North Road Sugar Works is a beautiful example of the list of things going right in the world”

~ Bill McKibben, Activist, Author, Schumann Distinguished Scholar in Environmental Studies at Middlebury College, Member, Board of Directors, North Road Sugar Works

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